Tribute to Sheila Rowan

Sheila Rowan, 1940 – 2014

Sheila Rowan was a four-time Canadian curling champion. She curled third on the rink skipped by Vera Pezer which made Canadian history by winning three straight Canadian Ladies’ Curling Championships—St. John’s, Newfoundland 1971, Saskatoon 1972 and Charlottetown in 1973. 

In 1992, Sheila went on to skip her Saskatoon Senior Women’s team which included Donna Trapp, Doreen Thomas and Joyce McKee. They swept their  way to the 1994 Canadian Senior Women’s title at Nipawin beating British Columbia, 6-5 in an extra end. Sheila made a hit-and-stick for the victory. 

Sheila has been inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (1982), the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame (1976) and the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame (1996). She is also a member of the Saskatchewan Curling Association Legends of Curling Honor Roll (May 2004).